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Forum Thread: How to Make a Turmeric Face Mask to Get Rid of Your Acne and Get a Glowing Skin Tone

Turmeric is still used in many parts of the world.Turmeric has a significant role in curing acne.Turmeric can be used to remove unwanted facial hair.But keep in mind some may be allergic to turmeric first test on your hands and then test it in your fingers.On regular usage of turmeric you can prevent Anti Aging.The making of turmeric mask is detailed in the video below.If anyone found that these information are irrelevant post your opinion below.

Forum Thread: 10 Most Creative Shopping Bag Designs Ever

When selling a product, its design is one of the most important aspects of its marketability. However, just as important, if not more so, is making sure that your product and your consumers' shopping experience is memorable – and one excellent way to do this is with brilliantly designed shopping bags like these.

How-To: Classic Bold Red Lips

A red lip is a classic look for a reason -- it's universally flattering, and never fails to add a touch of retro glamour to any look. It creates a glammed-up appearance in just one swipe and is universally flattering. In our 'B for Beauty' Makeup expert Olivia Anugraha teaches us how to get Classic Bold Red Lips.

How-To: Messy Bun!

Bun hairstyles are great for summer as it keeps all your hair up and off your shoulders. The Messy Bun is a totally chic and stylish look that suits many occasions. Messy bun is a popular hair trend that is not going away anytime soon. In this episode of Terrific Tresses we will learn how to do easy and quick Messy Bun.

Forum Thread: How to Bright Colors for Indian Skin

One thing that?s really fun to play with in your makeup is incorporating bright and trendy colors. Brightly colored makeup is intimidating, even for the most beauty-savvy amoung us. Today in 'B for Beauty' Makeup up expert Sathya Marie from Page3 Salon shows us how to do Bright Colorful Makeup for Indian skin!

How-To: Office Makeup in Under 10 Minutes

Most of the time we do not have much time to spend for makeup when we are running late for work. Today in 'Terrific Tresses' we will see how to get ready to office in under 10 minutes. We are gonna use just 5 products to achieve a presentable look for office.

Forum Thread: Stop Hair Loss and Enhance Hair Growth Naturally: Effective Hibiscus Oil Treatment at Home

Hey guys today i will show you how to stop hair loss problem & enhance hair growth naturally at home. Hibiscus is a very well known ancient home remedy for hair problems. It helps in controlling hair fall & improves hair growth due to calcium & vitamin c available in it. Regular use of hibiscus oil will help to nourish hair naturally, prevention of premature gray hair, control in hair loss & enhance hair growth naturally.

How to: Conceal for Indian Skin Tone

Concealer is a beauty essential that can brighten up a tired face, cover up unsightly sunspots, blemishes, and make away with under-eye circles. Today in 'B for Beauty' Makeup expert Sathya Marie shows us how to do concealing for Indian skin tone.

How To: Simple Nude Makeup Look

A nude makeup look is polished and pretty and because you're simply boosting your skin tone, it'll never appear as if you tried too hard. Nude makeup lets skin be the star this spring. In this tutorial Makeup Artist Olivia shows you how to enhance your natural look with a nude color palette.

How To: Smokey Eyes for Day and Night!

The difficult part can be deciding which makeup looks are suitable for your workday and how to take that same look into evening for after work. It's possible to wear a smokey eye during the day that is work appropriate and also sexy enough to carry you through into the evening for a girls night out. In 'B for Beauty' makeup expert Shweta Hasija shows us how to achieve it!

How To: Inverted Bob Haircut

An Inverted Bob or Graduated Bob is an A-line except with stacked layers in the back. The back is also more curved, than a hard angle. The shape of the layers should follow the angle of the perimeter of the haircut, getting longer towards the front. The amount of stacking can vary. The front is typically a little shorter than the front of an A-line haircut. Today we are going to see how celebrity hair stylist Jammy from page 3, does an Inverted Bob.