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Rec Needed: Sunscreen

Hi all, I am an undergraduate student majoring in exercise science. I am going to be testing different sunscreens under a variety of conditions (mainly water and sweat) to validate their advertised protection durations. For testing, I am using two high level product groups: natural and artifical (dare I say unnatural?).

Forum Thread: What Is Your Morning Routine

Hey everyone..!!! To start off my summer lazy days i have really dark curtains so that light cannot enter my room and disturb my sleep.. so i think its night for a littlee bit longer…so i wake up and like to sit thinking about my life ,decisions and then stretching a little bit to pen up my body …

Forum Thread: How to Remove Tan

Sunshine is the time to enjoy on the beach and parks with friends and family. Despite all the fun and enjoyment in the sun , by the end of the day most people are left with ugly and unattractive marks of sun tan on the body , which become difficult to get rid of.